Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild

2017 March Gallery Show at the FWCAC 3/3 - 3/25

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Altertered Vase in Blue Autum Bell Town
Altered Vase in Blue / Ceramic Autumn / Glass Bell Town / Ceramic
Blue Corn Ear Maiden Bob Bone Yard
Blue Corn Ear Maiden / Ceramic Bob / Watercolor Bone Yard / Ceramic
Button Platter Captive Ball Colorful Stripes
Button Platter / Ceramic Captive Ball / Oil Colorful Stripes / Glass
Glass Peacock Hearding Cats Old Barn
Glass Peacock / Glass Hearding Cats / Ceramic Hill Country Highway / Watercolor
Indigenous in Apricot Lace Plate Lantern Town
Indigenous in Apricot / Ceramic Lace Plate / Ceramic Lantern Town / Ceramic
Relish Tray Le Pistolet Blue Platter
Large Relish Tray / Glass Le Pistolet de Fleur / Watercolor Leaf Platter in Oval and Blue / Ceramic
Light Heart Monarch in the Garden Orbit
Light Heart / Ceramic Monarch in the Garden / Watercolor Orbit / Oil
Pescado Petals Queen of the Mums
Pescado / Ceramic Petals, Petals, Petals / Ceramic Queen of the Mums / Watercolor
Radial in Blue Raku Vase Rebound
Radial in Blue / Glass Raku Vase / Ceramic Rebound / Oil
Red Beard Running Bunniew Sailing on Lake Dillon
Red Beard / Ceramic Running Bunnies / Ceramic Sailing on Lake Dillon / Watercolor
Spider Spring Awareness Strung Out
Spider / Glass Spring Awakens / Ceramic Strung Out / Glass
Three Plate Landscape Tin Man Up a Tree
Three Plate Landscape / Ceramic Tin Man / Ceramic Up A Tree / Ceramic
Vase with Ginko Leaves Vase in Brown Heaven or Hell
Vase with Ginko Leaves / Ceramic Vase with Surface Texture Brown / Ceramic We Make Our Own Heaven And Our Own Hell, Trying To Get Across To The Other Side / Ceramic
Timeless Winter Platter Yellow Platter
Which Speaks On A Theme That Is Timeless, While The Sun God Will Make For Your Day / Ceramic Winter Leaf Platter / Ceramic Yellow Platter / Ceramic
Yunomi’s with box    
Yunomi’s with Box / Ceramic